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Navigating Social Judgement on Self Care Choices during the pandemic

It can be awkward to navigate the meeting of our social circles after some time apart, particularly if we have found some "non- traditional" support to carry us through some of the darker days, but I found that if one comes slowly and discretely from the authentic loving, inclusive and respectful perspective people are much more open, and not as quick to judge.

From the size of some facebook groups that have an "alternative" perspective on life I think there are many many people who are more willing to be open- minded and accepting of alternative views (such as energy work) on self care but who do not make it public, so if you are one of the many who sought support elsewhere than the overloaded public health system you might find you have more support around you than you think .

The pandemic has also shifted people's perspective to be more compassionate and respect what is important to people.

People are realising that many others are turning to less traditional sources of support as they navigate the pandemic.

The Wellness Industry is a $4.2 trillion industry and Western Medicine is at $3. 9 trillion - and this trend has been tracking this way since 2018. The numbers don't lie!

Remembering that every moment is a creation moment - thoughts passes through the brain at every nanosecond- so in our thoughts we are creating, in repeated thoughts we are creating beliefs and belief systems. In these thoughts we start to create our feelings and from our feelings come out words, together they precipitate in action - the more tangible aspect of our thought patterns.

What self care habits do you want to create? You are the important one in this debate:)

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