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Forensic Healing™ is an Energy Healing system founded by Marisa Russo from Australia. Not only has it transformed my life for the better, but it has also transformed the lives of my clients too !

It combines both SCIENCE and INTUITION to seek targeted answers as to how energy blocks become embedded in someone's energy field. It also uses Universal Laws, such as the Law of Attraction.

Once those details are found, the energy blocks can be released and transmuted and positive energy can be brought in mindfully.


The system is designed to be used with other healing modalities or on its own, to reliably, rapidly and effectively bring about positive change in life, career, health, relationships, finances etc.

Taking responsibility for our choices brings our self empowerment back, so we can mindfully create the life of our dreams !

We are all connected

When we heal ourselves,

We heal the World!

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