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Reiki is a secular practice of channeling Universal Life Energy, the energy that pulses our heart, awakens trees and flowers in spring and keeps our solar system in constant motion.

It is a Japanese stress relieving and relaxation technique, channeled through hands, feet, eyes and breath.  Where the "Rei" means universal or higher spiritual knowing or spiritual consciousness.

"Ki "or "Chi" means vitality or life energy , also known as orgone, bioplasma, and is the energy of which all spiritual and energy healers channel as conduits when in the practice of energy work.

Reiki seeks to :

restore balance

reduce stress

remove toxins

all for individual's Highest and Greatest good

(meaning it can do NO HARM)

Reiki works on many levels or aspects of a person including:





Karuna Reiki ® specifically seeks to bring forward compassionate energy as a dominant energy in this style of Reiki. It is believed that the Ascended Lady Master or Divine Feminine Consciousness of Quan Yin is the protector and mentor of this style of Reiki. It is particularly powerful and yet gentle and works for weeks after a session . It is composed of the energies of 6 Reiki symbols (frequencies) in addition to the Master symbols and works with all other Reiki symbols or frequencies of energy.

Only clients who have already experienced Reiki at least once may receive Karuna Reiki ®.

Deeply buried emotions are often uncovered via Karuna Reiki® and tears, and/or falling asleep are almost guaranteed and are a very normal and natural response.

Energy that is buried "alive" never dies, it simply lies dormant, so when these energies are finally released after being dormant, often for decades, the emotions can feel fresh but it is a huge relief to unburden from them.

It is commonly noted in the scientific literature that emotional pain or stress can cause physical symptoms, and therefore it follows that with the clearing of negative energy on the energy body or biofield of a person,  physical symptoms could be prevented or relieved.

Recipients of Reiki have noted reduced physical pain, easing of emotional pain, reduction of anxiety and in some cases reducing of or reversal of prescription strengths even removal of prescriptions.


Reiki is NOT meant to be a replacement of

Western Medical advice,

Western Medical treatments,

Western Medical medications or

Western Medical consultations

provided by your health care expert/ provider.

Reiki can be used in concert with Western medical Practices and your health care provider should be notified if you are also receiving Energy work.

Reiki Sessions involve distance or remote contact, whereby the client is aware at thier home of a predetermined session time, settling comfortably in a chair or laying on a bed with water on hand. The practitioner then channels the Reiki Energy directly to the client. The client may experience an overall warmth or tingling where stuck low vibration energy is being released and replaced with higher vibration energy

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