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As part of my daily life I am constantly striving to improve my knowledge base, keep current in energy healing and the social, and ecological events and "behind the scenes happenings" on our planet.


As a consequence, I create time in my life for

*Self healings

*Light Language -spoken, danced and drawn/ written

*Understanding Laws of the Universe

*Awakening to 12 Dimensions and beyond

*Understanding higher densities

*Learning the truth about the decision makers in the world

*Uncovering the truth about the global monetary system

*Uncovering the truth about secret space programmes

*Reiki Shares

*Forensic Healing Essentials Shares

*Professional Advancement

*Connection with others through social media

* Research

*Artistic Expression

*Voice/ Musical Expression

*Non-fiction/ mentorship reading

*Course development

*Teaching material

*Energy upgrades

*Crystalline DNA upgrades

*Free materials

*Self improvement 


*Yoga & Dance

* Time in nature/ garden

* Time to channel wisdom from the Divine Matrix, Nature, etc

* Prayers for global benefit

*mentoring from Advanced Beings, Creator, Divine Feminine Sophia Code Ascended Masters, and my Higheer Self as Connected to the Divine Matrix

*New energy clearing modalities including SoulSpeak© and NFR©

*as well as family/ friends

All my clients and students benefit from this constant evolution, self reflection, and sets of challenges that I face and have faced including dark night of the soul.

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