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Becoming ONE
with Universal Consciousness
allows one to communicate with
ANY Consciousness

Want to know the Wisdom of the Trees?

Want to learn more about Tree Communication ?

Contact Fiona

Fiona has received many communications from many trees, even whole species of trees, which are filled with wisdom, knowledge of the Earth and humanity, and much more.

Trees are also asking for our help.


They need us to vision them strong and thriving!

They need us to see trees growing even when they do not yet exist in places

so put your tree sunglasses on (instead of "seeing everything with rose-coloured glasses", see everything covered in trees).

And more than ever, trees need us to plant more trees.

The trees protect our tops soils.

Without topsoils we cannot grow crops and we would starve.

Trees filtre and clean and oxygenate the air we breath!

Trees provide habitat for animals and birds.

Trees absorb excess water, preventing our topsoil from washing away.

They need us to protect the Ancient Ones which are living libraries of more wisdom than we can fathom.

Young trees simply do not have the capacity to withold and store such vast amounts of wisdom.

Losing ancient forests means that we lose this ancient wisdom forever.

Trees are also anchors for Peace for humanity.

This is one of their greatest missions on Earth.

The more we chop them out, the more we promote war


Promote Peace

and protect our Ancient Trees

Learn the Wisdom of Trees
Learn how to help Trees
See "Moving the Giants" about planting young Giant Sequoias (California Redwoods) in cooler climate zones to keep ahead of global warming. These trees sequester the greatest amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.
Support Ancientforestalliance or similar organization to protect ancient trees

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