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We often wonder what our pets are thinking. We imagine what it would be like to talk to them.


Well it's not a pipe dream!

Through Source Energy , I am so grateful to able to connect with animals, both living and in spirit, and with their permission, I am able to converse with them.

This is animal communication, in fact inter-species communication, because in any species or individual with soul /consciousness I am able to communicate with.

This is so important for mental, emotional and spiritual wellness!

Email me for a booking:


1. At least 3 sessions are needed to establish connection and trust, and communication only happens with the animal's permission.

2. In my experience, if the animal needs healing on some level, so does the adoptive family/ family member.

3. "Answers" and behavioural changes are not guaranteed as ANIMALS HAVE FREE WILL.

4. Photographs showing the eyes are very helpful in establishing connection, as well as date of passing (if relevant) , breed, age,  name and city / location.

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