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Light Language is the most powerful healing modality as it works directly and instantly on the light frequencies of the DNA when that is the prayer of intention and with full permissions in a God-ordained healing.

Light Language is communicated in many forms, such as:

Spoken word






Other sound healing

...all incorporated with a heart coherence with Highest Consciousness guidance and highest consciousness intent of the channel.

The Energy is the most powerful I have ever channeled as it is multi-dimensional, accessing multiple lifetimes, dimensions, realities, densities etc simultaneously, including the multiple aspects of the recipient, such as mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually- in which ever way that Source ordains as appropriate and relevant for the recipient's healing.

I have received literally hundreds of symbols and also was asked by Source to Create a painting of Light Language symbols of global importance, which were channeled down in a very short and intense period of time . This came with a broadcast boosting symbol, and it is part of the celestial upgrades our Planet is going through, as we travel through this part of the Cosmos at this time. As our planet evolves and upgrade, so do we, whether we like it now (consciously) or not ! It is simply part of our existence on this planet at this time that we CHOSE to incarnate.

Light Language was one of the powerful healings that my child experienced to bring about amazing healing for her. 

The "proof" for me was an unexpected change (healing) in her physical appearance that is permanent (ie in her DNA now) as a direct result of this Light Language Healing- as this was the only variable in her health journey at the time.

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