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Connecting via Source Energy, I am able to become a conduit for Healing Energy for animals.

The principles and process are both similar to Reiki, but not part of the Reiki system.

The healing seeks to:

bring balance

reduce pain

bring in unconditional love (which is the vibrational frequency for Miracles)

through the 11 healing techniques and symbols

Contact me to discuss a session.

In addition, I also offer a combined service: Animal Healing© / Forensic Healing©/ Soul Speak© and NFR© in which I combine the above techniques, and also target the root causes of the energy blocks and release them, clearing the energy into the NOW and the future. In addition I am able to tap into the Soul of the organ or body system out of harmony with the physical and clear that and finally target the frequencies  out of balance and act as a conduit for Universal Source to bring in the new appropriate energies .

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