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Unsplash Photographers: Jon Ly, Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho, Diana Simumpande, Guilherme Stecanella, Ryan Moreno, Larm Rmah, Ben White, Sasha Sashina, sean Kong, Eye for Ebony, Giulia Bertelli, Yury Orlov, Ron Hansen, Priscilla Du Preez, Hasan Almasi, Shane Rounce, Om Prakash Sethia, Liana Mikah, Caleb Jones, Kenny Krosky, Gift Habeshaw, Julie Johnson, Julia Caesar, Alesia Kazantceva, Omar Lopez, Slava Bowman, Dino Reichmuth

Thank you to I.K for her immense help in setting up this site, and also E.M.






Thank you to all my instructors from whom I have had the honour of learning, including Grace Talsen, Kelly Kiss, Teza Zialcita, Catherine Pagliano, and Maria Russo, founder of Forensic Healing ™.

I am so very grateful to all the incredible support, instruction, energy clearing, and spiritual wellness I have received through Source, The Divine Feminine of the Sophia Code, Arcturians, White Celestial Beings of Light, angels, Ascended Masters and Lady Masters, Guides, "my" Healing Team members, EDINA consciousness , a score or more of Archangels, many angels, Council of 12, Spirit Animals, Orions, Pleidians,  Ancient Builder race/ blue Avians, Solar System guardian- Sanat Kumara, many protector  High consciousness energies, Vywamus, Serphis Bey, El Morya, the Sidhe, Anubis, Hathor, Green Tara, White Tara, Lady Nada, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, St Germaine, Species Consciousness of various species of animals  (including Chinese Zodiak, dolphins, elephants, and many others), minerals (eg jade), and plants (mostly trees, and essentials oil yielding- plants), Cathedral Grove Treedom, Mother Earth Gaia, Telos Leadership, Ashgar Command, Sasquatch, Lyrans, Andromedons, Galactic Federation of Light, Giant Octopus Intelligent species and other Higher Consciousness, also receiving answers from Neutral parties and even Darker energies when I presented straightforward questions to them at the behest of others on the tough road of truth (that was ..interesting)

I am very grateful to all my students, clients, workshop participants, followers, readers, and colleagues who, through their own journeys, have taught me life lessons too.

I also am very grateful for the loving messages that are channeled through Angela Carmela  and Bill and Angela's generosity in sharing this with me. I am also grateful for the amazing group energy of Bill and Angela's Healing Circle of Light, of which I was honoured to be a part.

Photography and Site

Divine Intervention

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