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Humanity Court

What is a reality for you, important for you, and looms large in your life is not going to be the same for the next person.

What is a priority, what is a fear, a belief or a factor for one person , might be irrelevant , non existent or the opposite for another.

This is true in the world of the




and also the Spiritual

With a lifetime of intuitive practice and honing these skills over the last 10 years via Universal Source Energy, I can say that my spiritual and Energy experiences are a very large part of my life, part of my life purpose in that this is part of how I am of service on the planet.

This is my expertise, this is what I am passionate about and this is part of my bigger service to the universe.

I do not question my accountant's advice, I bow to the experience of the structural engineer and everyday I trust that the water purification process in my city is top notch.

I invite you to glimpse a little into my world, and open to what I share here. If it does not resonate, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I look forward to sharing with you when you are ready.

And share I will. I am not here to convince, argue or persuade, or apologize, sugar-coat or rehash anything.

If you are here now, there is something you are meant to see, read, or question . There are no co-incidences in life, only synchronicities. Start living your life on purpose and the universe will show you, moment by moment if you observe and notice, evidence of all the Laws, particularly the Law of Attraction .

I channel a lot in my work, I receive guidance all the time, and I am reading energy frequencies, signals and fields constantly.

Therefore I am aware all the time of energy of those around me wherever I go in life. This includes all life and elements. All matter is energy and has a field of energy - measurable, detectable, scanable by people like me (I am not alone in this).

I can be alerted by the consciousness of the soul of different scales of beingness who/ that want to communicate with me- eg. I can walk past someone in a store and hear the call of their liver, or their skin, or cells in the bone calling out to be heard. It is loud and clear, and when permissions are given , I can have hours-long two-way conversations with the relevant party in order to clear the root cause energies and facilitate the ushering in of harmony once again.

This is vital work in clearing negative energy from people who come to me for help who are noticing physical effects in their body of negative energy ie chronic pain or mental/ emotional anguish.

I call it SoulSpeak©

Because everything has soul, and for more on that I invite you to read Dr Master Sha's many works, books and programmes.

"Excuse me, your liver is broadcasting that it is sick from the anger you hold against your father" is not something you say to a person. I know. This is my world. This is how it is when a person is tuned in, connected and listening in to the universe. I could just as easily hear the soul of the tree outside the store, feeling the pinch of the pavement.

I just trust the universe will nudge the person to seek the help they need.

There was a time we could all communicate with plants and animals and shamans of the day were revered for these honed skills tens of thousands of years ago.

Now interspecies communication is going to be a big part of our reconnection, rewilding and rehabilitation of our planet back to a sustainable and healthy homeostasis.

It is the new frontier of human evolution and there are increasing numbers of people who are becoming more visible in social media showcasing their interspecies communication skills.

And why not?

It is a simple, learned skill and not some esoteric "rare talent" .

Anyone can do it if they wanted to.

On to the channeling and session work:

Channeling and session work often reveals that there has been outside interference with a client and the proper way to deal with it, in accordance with the Highest Divine Guidance I have been given , is to send the matter to Humanity Court.

This is an Etheric Space which exists in different dimensions depending on the matter at hand. Matters tend to involve other species or affect planets, the entirety of humanity or part thereof, or other large scale events, places, or groups .

You might have come across Court of Atonement. This is a different space where individuals of closer affiliation can sort out disputes on the etheric planes- all human, and tend to be family members or friends.

In Humanity Court, the evidence, all the witnesses, supporting documents, resources, Akashic records of old and currently written ones are all in place.

There is holding space, there are resources to gather witnesses, sometimes from across the multiverse, there are methods to render harmless harmful things/ practices and neutralize certain "devices".

The perpetrators are taken care of and compensation is recorded .

Source Creator is the judge.

In the dimension where I commonly interact, Source/ Higher Power of Unconditional Love commonly appears to me as a glowing Burning Bush .

Most recently, Source was in existence as a power or vibration in a higher Dimension and Density and appeared to me as a giant mother hen with pink feathers of Compassion, Protection and Unconditional Love. To someone else, Source might have appeared completely different. Depends on the person and their comfort level- chicken you ask?

I grew up with chickens running around my backyard:)

Work in Humanity Court is becoming more frequent, urgent and taking up more of my time lately. I have been doing this work about 8 years (starting off as something done approximately every 3-4 months) but more recently this has become weekly or more frequently.

I am not alone in this work. Over the years there have been a couple of people help me out in sessions.

I now regularly work with 2 other amazing women -and have been for the last 18 months or so- as we clear the energy, give evidence and witness the proceedings on a planetary scale, and this involves, health, sovereignty, energy protection and many other factors.

In addition, there are many Lightworkers around the world that are doing their part to clear energy from the planet, to keep humanity safe, sovereign and free, and to help people stay fully connected to Divine Source by clearing negative energies and entities from interfering with this connection .

Make no mistake, this is no walk in the park , and the work is on going and demanding and sometimes quite exhausting. It is happening when most people's day is done and can take hours, late into the night and early hours of the morning.

Communication is easier when my time zone is in late night, when most people are asleep so intrusive energies are reduced, there are fewer interruptions, and more energetic space for a "broader signal" of communication.

How to help

The more people are energy aware (increase their Energy Quotient (EnQ)), maintain their energy field (vigilance and clearing ) and tune into the world around them (Nature enrichment experiences and meditation in Oneness) the easier this planetary work becomes because the Light Quotient of the planet starts to increase, correspondingly decreasing the burden on both the younger generation (incarnated to heal the planet and bring it back from the brink) and the Lightworkers who are constantly clearing and uplifting planetary energy.

The heaviness of the energy on our planet is attracting the environmental crisis too.

In addition , the heaviness of the energy on our planet is also creating disharmony in the universe, affecting other planets and solar systems etc.

We are not in isolation , what we do, think, feel, say and believe not only shapes our own lives, but also contributes to the entirety of the the planet's signature energy frequency it broadcasts into the cosmos.

This awareness is in conflict with the energy of entitlement, but in harmony with claiming our universal birthrights.

Find out more ,

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