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Guests over Thanksgiving?

Keeping your energy sovereign during the Thanksgiving Holiday October 2023

MCRW Fiona MacEachern 2023©

Your Dinner Party!

Have you ever noticed how your pets and children seem to be buzzed/ “different” when guests are over?

Have you noticed after hosting a dinner, how you feel either exhausted after your guests are gone (and it’s just because you were busy) , or so energised you can’t get to sleep that night?

Let’s create balance in that situation.

Here are some fast, easy, and effective tips to create a harmonious environment in your home that everyone can enjoy.

It will help to keep your energy your own, your pets and children/ dependants protected, while your home fills with your guests and bustles with activity.

1. Employment: Place by your front door a bowl of salt crystals, salt lamp, large crystals such as kyanite, tourmaline, obsidian, onyx or even quartz, creating your prayer of intention that their job is to sieve and absorb, sieve and transmute or sieve and ground (job depends on speciality of crystals) negative or foreign energies hitchhiking their way into your home.

2. Deployment- Pull out your crystal necklace or bracelets to wear for protection, or place singing bowls, cleansing essential oils such as a eucalyptus, mint or citrus , or tuning forks, or a statue or picture of a protective, Source – ordained spiritual mentor at the front door for your guests to be invited to take care of their own energetic hygiene.

3. Feng Shui- Make some Feng Shui adjustments at the front entrance and in the rooms where your guest will congregate to ensure balance of the energies and this will be a subconscious cue for your guests, making sure to incorporate a bold Earth element (eg large pot plant) to counterbalance the excited energy . If the energy is sad or low, counterbalance that (eg more Fire, and /or Air). If energy is sparky/ firey, counterbalance with Feng Shui elements (shape, colour, size, element, compass direction etc- eg water or metal) See more tips by Marie Diamond, world renown Feng Shui expert.

4. Placement Method -Request to Source/ Universe to take care of the energetic conflicts, imbalances or any disharmony with all appropriate permissions etc. You can visualise that a vortex is opened once an appropriate energy threshold is reached to siphon off excessive, extreme, disharmonious/ negative or inappropriate energies being “shed” on your property and in your home, and that those voids are filled with Love . Request that vortices are safely closed or relocated once guests leave/ party is over or those energies are safely swapped out all as Source sees fit, appropriate and Loving . Give thanks and surrender to the process. You can even set that extra place setting for the universe- you filled the plate in loving prayer beforehand for the benefit of all concerned, and at the table can silently offer your love and gratitude into the plate, even invite your guest to offer their gratitude into the plate too (it is Thanksgiving afterall)-You are following the Cosmic law of Compensation through Reciprocity.

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