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Humanitarian work- energy work for the planet

Over the years, as I have honed in my skills, gifts, talents, abilities for which I am so grateful, I have facilitated some mind boggling energy alchemy for the planet- either directly - Mother Gaia , or life that lives on her.

Forensic Healing™

Most recently (2 days ago) I facilitated a full Forensic Healing™ session for a 5+ decades old Orca bull living just off the BC/ Washington State coast with his pod.

Animal Communication ©

They are suffering from consuming contaminated salmon, and the salmon numbers are dropping alarmingly. Their brains are contaminated, and the sperm. The contamination has led to asynchronous pregnancies and calving so seasons and migrations are not supportive of the stage of life of new calves. Stomach pH is affected by contamination within the salmon and resulting in a Crohn's disease like gut reactions which are exacerbated by deep diving- necessary for searching/ herding of food, and cooling off in the rapidly heating ocean waters.

What can we do?

This is all from my chat with the Orca who has pleaded with me to send his message out to the world.

Please listen .

He says it is the effluent from dairy farms in particular that is the main source of contamination.

We all need to set out plans of actions to make things right / healthy again on our planet.

Call to Action

Pick a problem, find an organization already at work on it, if none, create your own.

Please ACT. Our Earthly problems are so much greater than ourselves and our personal ups and downs and the funny thing is once we work on them, the sense of fulfillment starts to magically dissolve our personal challenges.

There is so much work to be done. Thank you for what you do already.

More messages

More stories and messages from the Trees and Animals of Earth soon.

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