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Theta State Reset, I define here as a clearing of

old, negative or unhelpful, harmful, hindering and hampering 

beliefs (repeated thoughts causing a particular way of living/ habits)



things taken for granted,

societal  and cultural programming





preconceived ideas,


and similar

and instantly replacing these with empowering and positive statements or new beliefs as defined by the clients with practitioner facilitation, guidance, suggestions and support.


After completing my 4 levels of training  in the traditional brain state energy healing modality, I was alerted to the history of the founder of this brain state energy healing modality in Scientology, (and you are welcome to check that public record yourself).

Immediately in communication with Creator Source, I queried the possible influence of Scientology on that modality and it was confirmed that there was a overlay of an additional agenda.

I immediately asked Creator to show me what that was, and how to be free and clear of it, within myself and every time I had ever used this brain state modality in session for anyone.

Creator then showed me 4 balloons and 4.5 straws, stating that He/She had been waiting for this moment and offered me the choice of leaving this overlay of Scientology on all the sessions or, removing this additional agenda, which had been very conveniently gathered up for me in readiness to remove it across all sessions I had ever done with this modality .

It was indicated to me that 3 balloons and 3 straws were filled from the overlay related to client sessions, and the rest related to self sessions.

I cleared the lot, spending about an hour witnessing this clearing , asking Creator to instantly fill all voids appropriately with Divine Love and that from that moment forward I would use this brain state healing my own way with a true connection to Creator Source, and free and clear from any agenda other than Pure Unconditional Love direct from Divine Source Creator.

In addition, I realised that I had to define Creator as She/He appeared to ME NOW ,now that I was wiser, freer, more awake and aware, in essence, more evolved and in the likeness of Creator , this definition also had to evolve. It had to be on my terms and not what was outlined in any other modality.

So here I offer this theta state reset with the purest connection to Creator on my terms and usually in the context of  Forensic Healing™ which pin points exactly which is the most pertinent pathway for each person at each time.

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