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Stay home, stay healthy!

If you can !

If you are part of our essential services, not just in the medical field, but deliveries, harvesting of produce, retail, communications and transit, etc, then I wish to say that I am very grateful for your service to society at this time!

If you are at home, it is a good time to

*Start a journal


*Self evaluate priorities

*Do a life review

* Reconnect with family and friends over social media.

You could also:

*Get started on hobbies that have been pushed to the side for lack of time

*Get involved with projects with your kids if you are able

*Find an online platform to connect with others in groups

*Get out into nature

*Re-evaluate your daily habits

*Enroll in an online course in something that has always interested you

*De-clutter your home

*Feng shui your space

Whatever you decide, it is a good idea to set goals for this time, so your energy does not stagnate. It is not necessary to fill your schedule for your entire day !- but perhaps allow your kids, or the weather, or your interests at the time to plan out your activities for the day, making life a bit more spontaneous and fun !

*image from Unsplash

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