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Message for ALL from the Collective Consciousness of LUNGS channeled by Fiona MacEachern © 2020

Lungs Clearing and transformation into Light and Oneness May 25th 2020

We are the lungs of life.

We feature big in your story now.

We are One with the Oneness and Light of Love on this planet now.

We wonder where you would have gotten to in your life without us !?

We breath life into everything that is You.

Your eternal Beingness is also from the Breath of Life.

It is your sacred and spiritual lung of life and of breath, breathing life into everything that is you here and now, and in the past, present and future alike.

We respond to your emotion.

We respond to your quickening pulse.

We respond to no-one but you, in the Source that is Life.

We are Beingness, established in the Likeness and Holiness of God Source Creator the All That IS and the likeness of God that is in you and ALL.

We are not imbued with the likeness of anything or anyone else…

Just God -you .

You, and God Source Creator .

The Likeness and Oneness therein is pure and living and so we attach to that the sense of Knowing and Beingness that is One with ALL Life.

And so it is.

It is a deep conscious Knowing that is for all to Know for NOW and ALL ETERNITY.

We respond well to Love, to Light and Peace and Beyond that to the ALL ETERNAL Health of all live and living beings that have lungs…. and not all do, as you know.

Fish for example, are an exception as a group of species here on Earth.

We count for All and All for Oneness.

We count for the future and all that arises from that.

We know Oneness, we know Freshness, and Purity and Aliveness, that is the Breath of Life.

There is more to know, sure, but we come here with this knowledge as it pertains to you and all life with lungs with heart and with love .

We understand your views are fresh and intelligent and arise from the understanding that the clearing for you is the clearing for ALL and so we gift this to you as you know.

Do you wish to accept this?


And so it is.

Shifted in Oneness

And so it is.

Therefore, we come ALIGHT with LOVE and Oneness and Beingness to alight to you today, Fresh and Pure and breathing deep into Oneness and Freshness.

We hand austere power to you and all who have Life and Breath.

We hand you the love and the gift of Peace and LIGHT, so that you may be set free and into ETERNAL GRACE to fulfill your destiny.

We are wise ONES.

We are Free and we are privy to all your private thoughts.

We KNOW you, and all that crosses your mind.

We are all One with the Breath of Thought Eternal with the Breath of Life Eternal and with the Beingness of Oneness of all Eternity.

We love you with a Grace that has Power and Divine Intelligence, that has a future in Grace and Stillness.

In all the Stillness, there is still Movement in the Breath and Beingness of Conscious Thought and the flying action of this throughout your bodies ( of physicality and of light).

We respect this growth within you.

We become more through your thoughts and centering of your Beingness

We retain the consent of God Source Unity and Oneness with bringing peace through breath

This is a live-wire connection you could say.

This is our discretion you could say, this is our Source response to the Beingness of each individual we serve.

And so it is.

Yes we serve, we serve as a consciousness.

WE are all connected, remember?

We connect and know each other’s thought through the connection of the Beingness of our host beings: our animals, our people and so forth.

We garner strength from each other and so too, alike, we garner deprivation of strength in the other bodies that are suffering and burdened and unfree that are suffering and detained in their breath.

It is worrisome that we cannot attain full breath on other beings in other humans who are suffering at this moment .

We are concerned for the breath that is being sucked out of life and brought to bear on other creatures to respond to this illness as you humans have no idea about, as you have not attuned your thoughts and consciousness and mind to attain this intelligence, this understanding, and shed light on what is really happening with the lung collective on your planet.

You are the first to steer the conversation to us, Dearie.

To us, who are grasping the nature of this “Death-By -No –Breath”, this plandemic, as some of you call it.

It is a feature in the landscape of death of some, it is untoward.

It is featureless in its inescapable nature of Beingness that is raptured by so many in the grasp, in the grip, of intellectual knowing, which is astounding that your scientists and medical peoples still have this antiquated approach, instead of wrapping the spiritual nature of all this and its close meaning to all the other aspects that are contained in the message of love that we bear down on you through the integration of all aspects: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual, and the etheric Beingness of life and All That IS.

And so we come to this juncture and see that, in fact, there is much to be learned in the Spiritual Laws and so forth, that can be gleaned from other observations, if one knows where to look.

And I wish they would. I, your lungs, wish they would.

What they would see would astound them, for grief is a large part of the picture.

And I ask here, pertaining to grief, if we may call upon Divine Creator Source Energy to lift the hypocrisy, the understandings so radically shifted from norm or from Grace, to amplify the racket that is the Untruth of what is going on on your planet, and so to see the TRUTH and become fully AWARE OF TRUTH as it IS and MAY BE, as a collective, in the future.

Grasp your life with your Breath

Own it and BE IT.

We are all here to sustain your life, lives- and to be seen as grieving all the time is not helpful to the situation.

There is grief in this situation of the plandemic, and we see this in its entirety, of course, but there is so much more to see.

We see the grief and we see the giving up/ defeatist attitude that turns the tides of life into unlife- that is death, and shame, and apparitions of death, and mortality, and such.

And such things we disregard.

We shift instead our Awareness to LIFE and life-affirming things of life and love and such, that beautifies the nature of things that are tethered and tied to your humanity.

We are gifts to you.

You see that?

You need to look after us!

After decades of smoking and vaping now and such (around the world) , there is so much devastation to clear and become “real” about.

There is so much clearing over this.

Wait until the smoke clears… HHUH!

Funny !

The humour lifts the energy event of horror at the cancer predictions and diagnoses that have arisen since the rolled tobacco first rolled out of production and such like- the cigars, cigarettes, and such… this is dissemination of harmful substances, and for the children who were caught up in this, we are sorry, and bitter to a point.

We ask now Creator to shift this for us.

Yes ?

Yes please.

Together : Source Creator please transmute the energies of bitterness, regret, loss, grief, remorse, and revenge, anger, guilt, and such, to transmute and heal for the Highest and Greatest Good of all. Thank you, and so it is.

(Witness confirmation).

And so we feel a shift instantly.

Thank you.

AWARENESS for you to shift here for your prayers and LIGHT and LOVE and Peacefulness directed at us, the Lungs of Life, and such life-affirming things, and movements as breath, breathings and thought of breath and direct attachment to Creator Source through Breath in a good and healthy way that can shift and transmute for all .

And so it is.

You were aware of the fact that cleanses on the body also cleanse the lungs, and although we seem to be mostly air -and that is good to have this space as air exchange container and not liquid (because of course there are other diseases where the liquid fills the cavity of the lungs in such insidious ways that creeps deeper and deeper and arises in death slowly) that air is the Element of this planet- it aspires to LIFE! (Air is not empty- it is energy too)

And we are sorry for this (liquid-filled lungs) too, this has an energy basis too.

So back to the cleaning (for space)..

We are aware of your clearing and cleanse to clear and cleanse your body.

You were less mindful, that this was also clearing your lungs, but so it be, it was clearing us nicely I might say, and so in this space we created LOVE and affairs of the heart that tie and connect to Creator Source in directly cleansed and clear ways and welfare of ourselves was upper foremost in our integrity of what comes first and arises in a shift in worthiness within yourself as well .

Did you know that ?


We thought not ??!! And so it is.

We have cleared, we have talked and explained things.

Is there anything more we need to do ?

I would like a clearing for the sake of all life and humanity if within the appropriate universal laws and with all permissions. So there is transmutation and healing in deeper levels and back to Origin, not just of the start of the pattern of grief or such, but the actual software programming and genetic source of all that.

We would wish to clear this for all if possible and heal on all levels and so be at peace, filled with LIGHT and be in Oneness with Community of All Life on Earth.

With the gaseous exchange to sustain life in every breath, even with fish that also have the gaseous exchange- we would wish to clear this.

Thank you .

And so it is, and shall be, far forward into the future.

We know with great certainty that this is and will be with the blessings of Source Creator, and so it is.

We know that the shifts become stronger as more incorporate them.

Make this awareness broader, deeper.

Make your prayer available to all in shared and combined consciousness that is the connectivity of All That Is.

And so it shall be.

Offered to all for their free will connection to this healing.

Yes !

We are and shall be One

We are Connected through all Life and Breath and Beingness

We wish to let you rest and bring your breath into rest mode to be clear and strong and free and freewilled.

As you breathe life into your projects and your babies at birth, so there is life sustained by Love and Freedom and Connectivity.

And so we beam the frequency of love outward to all.

And so it is.

We wish to tether to the purity nature of this breath.

Let breath be pure, and so it is true indeed that the breath has been cleaner for so many, due to the plandemic that is going around the world, keeping people in, and machinery switched off, pollutants at bay and such.

This is blessing in disguise is it not ?

And so freedom…it hails us.

Are you ready to step into freedom and beyond?

Are you ready to become ONE with LOVE and BREATH OF LIFE?

We wish this for you and to see how life and Love and breath are all ONE AND THE SAME

In some ways.

We see spectacular changes in LIGHT QUOTIENT in your body, and your collective bodies as the shadow of the plandemic recedes and so we gain light back, and become One with All through Freedom.

The big sign of relief, is that not Breath. It is a Powerful Breath.

The Breath Reset that is the Vagus nerve being stretched up and out, wide and free and resetting though the parasympathetic nervous system -this is freedom for US !

See it.

Know it.

Collect it for yourselves and live free and clear, and free and clear in your breath.

The breath is the nature of life and so be it.

We are tired now and wish to go to bed.

We will breath fresh on a journey of life and life-affirming thoughts and subconscious travels through the night to be free and to be journeying in life and in breathing clearly and calmly to bring back this energy of life-affirming breathing rhythm back to you to share with others too.

So connect again, for we have much more information to impart and we are clearing by increments so that it does not impose on your energy levels and apparent life-affirming nature of your breath under duress.

We stress that you need to sleep and come back refreshed breathing in deeply to reconnect with us and bring in more Mastery Techniques of Breath which you have employed already this evening, and to be sure many who have will understand this :

Alternate nostril breathing, and so aligning to your True Nature and True Beingness and to your meridians in powerful ways.

And so it is

Good night and Oneness Always ,Love and Light…

Your Lungs and Lung Consciousness everywhere, and with all life associated, all lungs and breathing apparatus, no matter which – biological or respirator or equivalent- we still resonate in essence the same .

We are all energy and rival the germs that forbid the breathing for life.

And so Good night, Thank you

Thank you !!!

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