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Creator speaks to us about Covid19

#covid19, #focusontruth, #focusonlove, #Isolation helps you know your energy, Isolation helps with life review and resetting priorities. Isolation empowers you to find balance, harmony and hope. Isolation helps you to heal yourself and the planet.

Connection with Creator March 30 2020

Channeled by Fiona MacEachern March 2020©

We live in peace.

This is important for us, as humanity, to know about this pandemic.

We are learning to live in peace and quiet…. and slow down and settle our fears…. and keep in tune with Self, and Higher Source Energy, as you would call me- the Creator, Oneness and Purity Love Consciousness.

We are all thrust together in each household, sometimes this is the first time you have been all crowded together in your home as a family.

And this is it.

For days at a time, weeks!

And prevention of the spread requires this.

Your politicians require this, and your health officials require this.

This is what we say.

This is a good lesson, a good learning for you, and so we say unto you:

“Be honest with your feelings!

Be true to