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Creator speaks to us about Covid19

#covid19, #focusontruth, #focusonlove, #Isolation helps you know your energy, Isolation helps with life review and resetting priorities. Isolation empowers you to find balance, harmony and hope. Isolation helps you to heal yourself and the planet.

Connection with Creator March 30 2020

Channeled by Fiona MacEachern March 2020©

We live in peace.

This is important for us, as humanity, to know about this pandemic.

We are learning to live in peace and quiet…. and slow down and settle our fears…. and keep in tune with Self, and Higher Source Energy, as you would call me- the Creator, Oneness and Purity Love Consciousness.

We are all thrust together in each household, sometimes this is the first time you have been all crowded together in your home as a family.

And this is it.

For days at a time, weeks!

And prevention of the spread requires this.

Your politicians require this, and your health officials require this.

This is what we say.

This is a good lesson, a good learning for you, and so we say unto you:

“Be honest with your feelings!

Be true to your nature!

Be good to one another!”

Look yourself in the eye as you stare in the mirror and reacquaint yourself with YOURSELF ! And stare back in those big, beautiful, bold eyes.

Keep them focused on Truth and absolve all entities that are wrongdoing and creeping into your hearts to seek fears and tug at them to keep your energy low and feelings uncertain.

We implore your race, the human race, to keep regard of your souls and deeply affirm yourselves as true to the North – the True Light of Love and Unconditional Love and Gracepoint that is the essence and heart of all of you inspired to be YOU, and inspired to BE, and BE AT ONE with one another.


And so gain entry into the Field of Love and the Dynamic Field that is the MATRIX of LOVE and see how this is done.

See how easy it is to walk into the Field of Love and follow your heart, follow you dreams, and keep focused on Truth.

This is one of the most important things.


For it is in these times, the Un-truth can start to veil what is next, and what can be done and what positives are happening around your world

And this is not a time to be depressed or unsure or hidden from the gems that are the Truths of what is happening in your world, despite the pandemic that has hit so hard -some countries…

And I am sorry- truly, deeply, sorry for this, Humanity. Indeed I AM, and I AM TRULY DEEPLY in Gratitude for those stepping up to be a force and a Unit of Love that is a tsunami of love a force-field that CREATES and brings love to all, despite what is washing through energy fields right now. This is a time to step up and be heard for the person you are.

This is a time to be Free and True to your heart.

This is a great opportunity to be loud and clear in your message of LOVE for the WORLD and bring about WORLD PEACE that the world has never really, and truly seen.

And We wish this for you with all Our heart, as you might say.

And this endears Us to you all.

We love you!

We love you to the core.

We love you not only to the moon and back, but across the multiverse, and back from the infinite and the unlimitedness that is the multiverse and keeps creating and creating more and “moreness” into the future and the beyond. Beyond the human capacity to understand the vast extent of it…

Is this enough LOVE for you ???

Is this enough Field (of Unconditional LOVE) for you to go ahead and JUST BE YOU ?

For this is all I ask of you



In all ways that are you, just be you and CREATE!

Create your future of Love and Freedom and Freedom from the Past.

You have an opportunity to create a WHOLE NEW PARADIGM now.

So go ahead and do it! YOU are Creator, you can do this.

You have the tools, the ability, the know-how, and the motivation that is the infiniteness of MY love for you.

So please do it !

Please yourselves in your efforts.

Please ME in your love for what you do, and be Creatures of Love.

And nightfall is not a curse. Nightfall is a quiet time to be meditative, and peaceful.

I know many of you alone find the night to be the hardest time

And I am with you- every single one of…. the each and every single one of you!!!!

Do you understand….that I mean YOU, and YOU, AND YOU ???

No-one is forgotten, or lost, or left by the wayside.

I can promise you!!

I know every one of you across your planet.

I know how to help, and I know how to answer you in your time of need, and your cry for help.



This is how I am with you…


SO, simply listen, and you will receive your answers.

I am there with you, be unafraid, be cool, be standing there waiting for Me, and I will appear to you.

Stand there and be waiting for Me- I will appear.

Truly! So if you believe, you will see, and not before.

I thank you for your transmission in these turbulent times

But remember these are times of great change and great opportunity and love…opportunity FOR love and time not to lose, but to gain.

BE centred, be Grounded and be Anchored in Love.

Unconditional and Unlimited Love and you will EXPAND!

You will expand your powerfield and bring much about you that you need to keep moving forwards with Grace and gracefield.

YOU must see this by now, some of you, Lightworkers?

YOU can see what is to be done? And you just go about doing it, and thank you for this!

This is what we need!

You are needed!

You are free to move forward in your world as much as possible.

People need to see and hear you and there is much in “administration” that can forwards your message to the world to hep others, and be seen and heard by many.


This is what you are creating.

A net or web of LOVE and a gracefield of love that encompasses the entire planet in a wish for the future.

Blessings for the future, and more to come that is good, and holy, and sacred, and brings much LIGHT and LOVE to the world as you know it.

BE free!

BE FREE to LOVE and bring LIGHT.

And remember:

I know you all!

Each and every one of you: I see you, I hear you, I love you.

Now please be you, and gain strength in this time of pain, for pushing past the pain, just that little bit, you will find the strength and resolve to continue on your way forward, in a way you never thought of.

SO be cruel but kind to yourself by pushing past this barrier, all those who have lost loved ones.

Theirs is a sacrifice they were prepared to make for the good of the planet, and I know these are lofty words that entangle on your hearts in a way that might leave a bad taste, an uncertainty, but also a great Affinity.

Trust me I know this to be a free-will planet, and I know the rules of the Universe !! Who am I??

Well, I am your Creator and Oneness and Purity-Love Consciousness, and I declare that I AM forwards to you and free with my love to you all, and I know that there have been many loves sacrificed here in this pandemic.

And I love and take care of every single one of those souls recently passed from this plane on Earth, and I rejoice at their souls gaining the insights as they release from the Earth Plane and pass into Heaven, for every one did. And I say that I love them all, and I receive them with joy, and I take care of them with a gentleness that knows no bounds, I promise.

And so your loved ones are truly loved, and safe with Me, and chat with Me about their experiences on the Earth Plane and how they miss their loved ones back home, but they are glad to be free. They are glad for the greatness that they have been integral in bringing to Earth now at this Time.

Their sacrificial journey to pass over has made it possible to unite minds and hearts and consciousness in a way that the Earth has never seen for millennia, for thousands and thousands of years! That cannot be grasped by humanity now, perhaps, but it is true. Again I capture your attention with these words too.

This ground Zero, this land of the free ones that tackles things head-on, and keeps going forwards into truth, this great land that prays for peace daily, is the land of your hearts,

My lovelies!

It is the fertile soils of Love and Open-heartedness that creates a Peace among humanity.

And so pray for one another.

Pray for Unity and Peace and Oneness and Grace and Joy and Blessings and more Blessings.

And you will see how much further your prayers of Love can help you have victory over this pandemic.

It is a subtle dance between Peace and War on pandemic of viral proportions.

Do you see I have flipped the picture with those words?

Remember, lovelies, that words create as much as your hearts, and your thoughts, and your actions, so see where they lead, those words.

Take no shame from them, so be vigilant about your words, as they create as surely as I stand here and talk to you all through this Little One who channels My voice, My thoughts and My “rantings and ravings” of the Truth!!

For this is what she calls for, the Truth, the Understandings, and I am listening!

I am always listening, and I answer her prayers as truly as I answer yours. Are you listening to me, Loves, are you truly listening ?

I will see you soon in your prayers.

Even if you have never prayed.

Even if you see Me as dominant in a religion that is not yours.



So I implore you to dig deep within, and see yourself for who you are, one who wishes to connect with the ALL THAT IS, no matter your religious loves, no matter your religion

I love you all equally, no difference I promise.

NOW take time to settle your hearts.

Take time to meditate on PEACE, and take time for yourself to fill your hearts with what truly makes you feel free, and joyful, and healthy, and loved.

And let go the rest, even for a little bit of time and this is peace brothers and sisters, this is what brings a Oneness to the world that has not been yet seen for millennia, as I have spoken of already.

Keep contained well and healthy in your homes.

Stay trusting in the LAWS OF NATURE, THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE, and be free in your hearts.

For this creates a Template of Love that this Little Channel has spoken of before.

This Little Channel has created a Template of Love to be created every three hours around the planet in DEEP UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in order to free all humanity from the grasp of fear and to free humanity for the future they are creating out for fear and terror of death and confusion and despair.

So clearing every three hours is helping this planet in immense ways.

If you so wish to be part of this clearing, you may ask ME, the ALL THAT IS to be part of this Prayer of Clearing, and clearing the template into a Template of Love and Forgiveness that is glowing around the planet every three hours, and brings Wonderous Love continuity that brings all humanity together if just for an instant in solidarity for all the heavens to be seen!!!

We see this LIGHT OF PURITY ONENESS shine across the universe every three hours due to this Channel and her forgiveness prayers, her template prayers, and prayers of Unity Oneness and Love for all Humanity, that you can join alike.

And so be it!

We are done, and withdrawing energies here so the Channel may rest herself, for she is weary and has much work in the spirit planes of love to work on tonight as she does every night and so it is.

Any questions?

Ask me, Lovelies, ask me, and I shall answer as sure as little eggs come from little birds and as surely as the bees buzz among the flowers.

Now on that imagery I wish you a restful night if it is your time zone, or a wakeful and wonderful morning or afternoon if that is your time zone.

WITH IMMENSE love from your Creator Energy Source Origin ONENESS PUREST LOVE Consciousness, and Most Evolved definition of LOVE and PURITY Oneness and the ALL THAT IS of the beyond of the multiverses and all definitions that define Me in whatever religion it is that you hold dear to your heart.

I am here for you always.

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