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What is Light Language?

Updated: May 23, 2019

Light Language manifests in many different forms depending on the channeler- sounds, language, art symbols, song, calligraphy etc and works on multiple dimensions simultaneously resulting in rapid, massive changes in DNA, cells, neurons and light body.

Light Language is a universal language which has been around for thousands of years, and which surpasses any social barriers we humans have inflicted upon ourselves. It touches every being (human and animal) in a healing and loving way in accordance with their personal journey. It is a healing language originating from ancient civilizations that is channeled from Masters of Light, and it is often accompanied with symbols. These symbols also have healing energy within them, and we have been asked to refer to this healing energy as Lemurian Reiki or Lemurian Healing. Light Language is similar to the chanting aspect of the Karuna® Reiki in that the Light Language practitioner is a conduit for the healing sounds and healing symbols to pass through for the recipient.

The origin of the healing via the Light Language is Source/ Creator, and the intermediaries are Higher Beings which are termed here the "Masters of Light". These Masters comprise over 140 000 intergalactic Council members representing many different civilizations.

As you read this, know that you are not alone in seeking the healing power of this Light Language, and when you hear the energy that pours forth from the Light Language activations, if you are ready, you will feel your spiritual vibration rising. You will feel energy shifts of alignment. If this is your time of awakening, you might start to channel LL as well (don't panic!)

In November 2014 I started to receive many new symbols which were accompanied with some very powerful healing energy. I began to channel vast amounts of information about these symbols and as I incorporated them into my practice, I began to notice powerful positive changes occurring within myself and others who were open to trying these symbols and with whom I gave healing sessions.

In April 2015 my Light Language was suddenly "switched on" and I began speaking words I did not totally understand, however the intuitive feeling of them was very powerful and positive. When I was doing healing sessions the Light Language would "indicate its presence" and I allowed it to channel through me for healing on multiple levels.

During this time, the intensity of the healing energy would increase dramatically, and new symbols would start to come down very rapidly, each with their own healing energy and functions.

I learned that the Light Language appeared in sessions when the healing needed could not be completed in a single dimension in consecutive time- that the healing had to be "leveraged" into multiple dimensions occurring on multiple aspects simultaneously.

(I thought that was pretty cool, and even more amazing to witness in light body).

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