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Celebrating Humanity: Equal, Together, Respected, Connected Empowering movement for Change 11/6 20

The protests against racially-motivated crimes and brutality sparked by George Floyd's death in the US, and now a huge movement around the world bring back memories.

Not of racial tension in the US or Canada.

I saw the whole process of apartheid ("apartness" by the rule of law) first hand not only in South Africa, but Zimbabwe as well. Through the propaganda, the white washing and misrepresentation of the truth, the falsehoods, inversions, cover-ups etc of much of what was happening at that time, I did come out the other side with some small aspects of wisdom.

Not with answers, not with full experiential knowledge, etc, but I will do my best to convey what matters here.

From these protests, there will be changes, and there are already policy changes in the way the police are being told to handle themselves. There will be great strides made for the Black people around the world as people will FEEL a change of heart as they examine any prejudices they have.

This is a mass consciousness arising, not just in one country, but many. This mass consciousness will spur people into this final expulsion of racial prejudice.

The lockdown conditions recently have actually helped to precipitate these events, as people have been forced to examine their own weaknesses/ "illnesses" as the planet continues to move forward through 5D.

Further from this, (if the BLM movement continues to gain momentum) there will be more and more action by other groups also facing prejudices, other minority groups that have been sidelined or excluded or verbally condemned in the past. They will see the successes of the BLM movement and see the willingness to reach out and grab what all peoples deserve they will be inspired to stand up and speak out for equality of humanity to reach them as well.

There will be waves and waves of groups standing up to claim their equality as humans, to claim their sovereignty and to be recognised as deserving and worthy of respect, inclusion, and celebration.

And I am in full support of these positive changes towards equality, to celebrate Black lives, and I do hear their voices now, calling for positive change which is absolutely and shockingly overdue and completely deserved from the origin of time.

But I also hear the softer voices of others.

We must not look back in our history at this time and say that we did not listen to those other softer but equally deserving souls.

We must not look back in history to this time and see that more wrong doing was occurring.

The world has awakened.

These are not the same events as seen in the States in the 1960’s. These are more powerful, there is more knowledge, social media has brought more together, faster, so this is the final expulsion.

As MLK stated that “The time is always right to do what is right”, and so I say, there are many voices to be heard, so please listen.

Many more people can benefit.

Do we not want the very best for everyone? FOR WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. They are all speaking out against wrong-doing.

All the wrongs need to be acknowledged, and corrected. Let us learn from the agony of South Africa and find the truths and reconcile for all to be open into the Light , for the whole Truth to come out into the open for the complete story to form from all sides to be laid carefully into the history books in integrity with all authentic truths.

And I include all Peoples of all colours here, all races, cultures, origins, religions, spiritual paths, and sexual identities, etc.

The First Nations Peoples and Native peoples of many countries including Australia, the US and Canada have experienced serious maltreatment over time since earlier settlement days.

These waves of social change will bring about a new connection of humanity which is also so needed in the spiritual arena (and here I totally distinguish between spirituality and religion) in order to maintain the sovereignty and freedom of humanity.

Howsoever this might be viewed as very separate, they are in fact completely linked.

Step back and view form the elevated position of purity Oneness and you will witness this for yourselves.

Everything is Divinely orchestrated- Divine timing is in everything- and there are therefore no co-incidences.

I am welcoming positive change, and I take responsibility through the energy work that I do for what is happening in my world now. I take responsibility for all my experiences as a white human on this planet.

And so I say the powerful prayer of forgiveness, the Ho’opono’opono prayer to clear and transmute the old patterns and prejudices of the past.

As much as I have already done this, to clear the prejudices, the chauvinism I have experienced as a woman in a man’s world through university, and many other situations, there is still more work for me to do.

And I will do the work, contributing to shifting the consciousness to full respect and inclusion of all humanity , for each of us feel certain we are doing the right thing, given our perspective of the world.

Clearing this energy WITHIN MYSELF is the MOST powerful shift I can make as my personal contribution towards equality and healing from racism and other prejudices that is the reality of the struggle in the world right now. This is my action. I hope you can respect that I am doing what I feel in my utter integrity as a woman, a mother, and an Energy Healer, as being the right thing and bringing forward my strongest action to help drive the momentum of positive change across this beautiful planet.

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